Midor was established in 1976 by Milt and Dorothy Wiesner.
Midor began as a brokerage firm for milk commodities used in the feed industry.  A significant part of Midor's customers were veal growers which led to Midor becoming a manufacturer of milk replacers for the veal industry.  In 1993 the veal milk replacer and liquid veal feed business was sold to Alto Dairy Cooperative
        Today Midor is currently owned by Debra Parrish, and Judy Green. Midor has grown into a blending facility with two bagging lines, warehouses, bulk loading capacity, and an in house laboratory.  Our products are shipped from coast to coast and our exports are growing each year.  The customers we serve are some of the largest feed and pet food manufacturers in the world.  Our ingredients or blends are sold to companies that make food for dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, fish, horses, sheep, and calves.
          Midor also adds value to products that are in distressed.  We do this by sorting, grading, and grinding.  We may be able to improve  the texture, flowablity, and grade of distressed products.  We are rapidly growing in our custom blending services. Repackaging in bags, tote, or bulk.